AMD K6-2 450MHz 3D Microprocessor

AMD K6-2 450MHz 3D Microprocessor
AMD K6-2 450MHz 3D Microprocessor
Item # CPU-K62450
Price: $49.95

Product Details

AMD-K6®-2 CPU with 3DNow!™ Technology

3D Processing at a Great Price
The first processor to incorporate AMD's innovative 3DNow!™ technology, the AMD-K6-2 processor delivers an outstanding combination of price and performance along with a powerful 3D experience for Windows® computing. The AMD-K6-2 processor works hand-in-hand with today's leading 3D graphics accelerators to enhance 3D processing power and generate exciting levels of realism in personal computing.

Crisp, Vibrant Images and Graphics
With the 3DNow! technology advantage in physical modeling and geometry, the AMD-K6-2 processor's graphics performance complements your 3D graphics card to deliver vibrant images, accurately detailed scenery, and colorful 3D graphics.

Rich Sound and Video
The AMD-K6-2 processor's combination of 3DNow! technology and superscalar MMX™ technology capability enables a total sensory experience including full 3D sound and rich digital video. From movie-quality DVD to the surround sound of exciting new PC games, the AMD-K6-2 processor works together with today's multimedia applications to provide a more enjoyable PC experience.

Enhanced Internet Experience
DirectX 6 and OpenGL libraries optimized for the AMD-K6-2 processor's 3DNow! technology will enable you to travel through 3D web environments with smooth imagery and crystal-clear sound. The AMD-K6-2 processor gives you an excellent balance of online performance and enjoyment at an affordable price.