Lava Dual Port Parallel PCI Card

Lava Dual Port Parallel PCI Card
Lava Dual Port Parallel PCI Card
Item # AC-L12D
Price: $55.00

Product Details

With Lava Dual Parallel-PCI you can accelerate access to your external storage device (e.g. Zip Drive) and a printer or scanner up to 3 times!
This enhanced (EPP) dual parallel port resides on a faster PCI bus and ensures connectivity at SCSI speeds. The Dual Parallel-PCI offers great flexibility: its 2-port structure allows you to connect two parallel port peripherals to one card, using only one system IRQ or sharing it with another existing PCI device. The Dual Parallel-PCI provides an excellent solution to a system short on IRQs and ISA slots. The card is also very easy to install - just plug in and go! At an affordable price, the Lava Dual Parallel-PCI is a real technology breakthrough.

  • PCI bus dual 25-pin enhanced (EPP) parallel port - adds two accelerated LPT Ports to any PCI-equipped PC.
  • Both ports use Lava's PCI Bus Enhanced Parallel Port technology - up to 3 times faster than standard ISA and motherboard EPP parallel ports.
  • Easy Plug&Play installation - automatically configures I/O addresses & IRQs.
  • Both ports share one available PCI IRQ - saves valuable resources for other expansion cards.
  • Configurable for standard ISA parallel port addresses (0278 and 0378) for compatibility with legacy peripherals (e.g. Zip Drives).
  • 100% compatible with any parallel port device - including laser and colour printers, external drives, parallel port scanners, and video-conferencing cameras.
  • Fully compliant with PCI Specification 2.1.
  • Lava Lifetime Warranty.