Ultra-2 SCSI 68-pin LVD 7 Drive Ribbon Cable

Ultra-2 SCSI 68-pin LVD 7 Drive Ribbon Cable
Ultra-2 SCSI 68-pin LVD 7 Drive Ribbon Cable
Item # FS-207
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Product Details

67 inch Twist-N-Flat Ultra-2 SCSI 68-pin LVD 7-Drive Internal Ribbon Cable 

The internal 68-Pin SCSI connector has 68 pins arranged in two rows, one on the top of the other. The top row has 34 pins and the lower row has 34 pins.

Use for internal hard drives, CD-ROM/CD-RW drives, removable storage devices, and other SCSI peripherals. Provides a solid connection between your internal SCSI devices and your SCSI host controller.

The lower voltage requirements of LVD allow for the integration of the differential drivers and receivers into the drive's onboard SCSI controller. The older Ultra HVD design requires separate and costly high-voltage components.

LVD is fully compatible with the existing single-ended SCSI base. A unique circuit determines the type of SCSI bus the device is being used on, LVD or single-ended, and configures the drive operation to the appropriate bus capability.


  • Ultra-2 SCSI 68-Pin LVD 7 Drive Cable
  • LVD devices will work on SCSI-1and SCSI-2 bus segments. Older SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 single-ended devices will work on an LVD bus
  • 7 Drive
  • Length: 67 inches
  • Durable Twist-N-Flat Cable
  • CablesOnline Part Number: FS-207