5 Port Edimax 10Base-T HUB

5 Port Edimax 10Base-T HUB
5 Port Edimax 10Base-T HUB
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General Information:

This Edimax 5-Port HUB is one of the most compact 10Base-T hubs in the market, delivers a straight forwardsolution for expanding additional node. As long as there is existing 10Base-T drop, you can easily expand to add one to four nodes without extra wiringcost. The saving is tremendous when considering the labor cost involved.
Although its compact size, the hub supports all the features of a full-sized, standard 10Base-T hub,including automatic port partition, jabber function isolates network failure,polarity detection & correction, uplink port, and extensive diagnosticLEDs.
By incorporating shielded connectors design, this HUB not only provides the ultimate reliabilityto the network transmission but also minimizes radial emission. Cabling requirement is not restricted to shielded twisted pair cable, one can useunshielded twisted pair cable if so desire.

Features& Benefits:
  • Conforms to IEEE 802.3 industrial standard
  • Perfectsolution for small start-up network or extra-node expansion
  • Better reliability with shielded connector design
  • Extra light with weight less than half pound
  • Connect to other hubs through convenient TP uplink port
  • Self-monitoring through jabber andauto-partition function automatically isolates network failure
  • Easy diagnostic through completesets of LEDs for each individual TP port and whole hub
  • 2-year warranty
  • Industrial Standard : Ethernet IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD, 10 Mbps

  • TP Ports: 5 shielded RJ-45 jacks

  • Hub Status LEDs: Power (green) , Traffic (yellow), and Collision (red)

  • TP Port LEDs: Link/Transmit (green) and Polarity/Receive (yellow)

  • Partition Status: indicating by alternating TP port's green and yellow LEDs

  • Temperature: 5 to 55 C (Oper.)

  • Humidity: 90% RH Maximum

  • Physical Dimension: (5.50x3.75x1.00 inches) , (13.50x9.50x2.45 cm)

  • Net Weight: 0.33 lb./170g (Power Adapter excluded)

  • Power: AC Adapter, input 120V AC 60Hz; output 7.5V DC 700mA

  • Certification: FCC Class A, UL/CSA Listed, CE Mark