Network Testers

Network Testers

Multi Network Cable Tester RJ45 & BNC

Product TS-I037

With the Multi Network Cable Tester you can test BNC
  and RJ45 (UTP/STP) cabling for the following standards:
  EIA/TIA, 568A, 568B, 356A and Token Ring.
It supports the following tests:
  Wire continuity, type of cabling, termination (BNC),
  shielded (UTP/STP)
Testing before and or after installation possible
Includes protective leather pouch


Multi Modular Cable Tester RJ11, RJ12, & RJ45

Product TS-I129

With the Multi Modular Cable Tester you can test modular
   functions with RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 with 4/6/8 termination
Testing before and after installation possible
Includes protective leather pouch


Enhanced Network Cable Tester RJ45

Product TS-I136

With the Enhanced Network Cable Tester you can test
   RJ45 (UTP/STP) cabling with enhanced function for the
   following standards:
   EIA/TIA, 568A, 568B, 356A and Token Ring.
It supports the following tests: Wire continuity, type
   of cabling,  shielded (UTP/STP)
Includes protective leather pouch


Professional Network Cable Tester, RJ45 & BNC

Product TS-I044

LEDs for each wire
Pin configuration easy to read
Test: RJ45, RJ11 (UTP/STP) and BNC for the
   following standards:
  EIA/TIA 356A, EIA/TIA 568A/B, AT&T258A, and Token Ring
Features auto or manual scan for pin out indicators
Includes 2 x BNC adapter cable, 1 x BNC M/M adapter,
   1 x RJ45 modular cable
Includes protective leather pouch


Product TS-143
The remote cable tester checks the cable before and after
  installation. The tester offers easy one step operation.
  14 LEDs confirm testing status and shut off automatically
  to maximize power saving.
Testing... RJ45 = USOC 4/6/8, 10Base-T, EIA/TIA 568 A/B,
   AT&T258A, Token Ring, BNC,
LEDs = Testing, short, connection, non-parallel 25/50 Ohm
   termination, screening each conductor
Max. cable length 1.8km for all connections
Requires a 9 volt battery (not included)
Includes protective leather pouch
Auto Shutoff


Product TS-I807
An essential tool for verifying and troubleshooting local
area networks. The compact style designed provides optimal
convenience and portability! Simply push the "Test" button and see.
Is the cable or jack connected to a hub or network card?
Does the hub or network card work in full or half duplex?
Is the default link speed (10 or 100 mbps.) of the hub or network card?

Product 350174
Tests the following:
  CEN36, DB25, DB15, DB9,HD15, RJ45, USB, BNC
Test for continuity and open/connected pins
Automatic or manual test modes