PCI EDIMAX 10/100Mbps Fast Network Card

PCI EDIMAX 10/100Mbps Fast Network Card
PCI EDIMAX 10/100Mbps Fast Network Card
Item # NA-L201
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General Information:

Edimax 10/100Mbps PCI Fast Ethernet adapters are the fundamental building blocks of a high performance and easy to manage Fast Ethernet network.

The price of the network hardware and bandwidth has fallen steadily over the past few years, making it possible for companies of all sizes to build bigger, better, and more far-reaching networks. However, with the bigger installation and growing complexity of the networks, the cost of maintaining these networks has been spiraling upward. Reducing the total costs of ownership has become a major challenge to all companies.

Edimax’s PCI Fast Ethernet Adapters are your solution to build a solid network and minimize the total cost of ownership. First of all, the adapters (EN-9130 & EN-9130A) are tested and approved by Microsoft and Novell testing labs to guarantee a seamless compatibility with these leading networking operating systems. Secondly, they are Y2K compliant and come with lifetime warranty that protects your investment. Finally and most importantly is all your PCs with Edimax Fast Ethernet adapters installed will become manageable PCs through standard Internet browser.

The WebDESK Manager utility included with Edimax Fast Ethernet adapters is a simple management tool that allows network administrators to monitor and manage all your local and remote PCs in the organization from the home or office computer. You can collect all managed PCs’ critical information with a simple click of WebDESK Manager, which works together with popular Internet Browsers such as Microsoft IE and Netscape Navigator. There’re no complicated interfaces to handle; everything is presented in the standard Internet Browser format.

Edimax Fast Ethernet adapters are also DMI (Desktop Management Interface) compliant that can be integrated into DMI management system such as Intel LANDesk Client Manager. The advanced model of EN-9130A supports ACPI (Advanced Configuration Power Interface) that allows remote power control of the PC.

Manageable, compatible, Plug-N-Play, and 32-bit bus-mastering architecture, Edimax Fast Ethernet adapters provide a true value to your network.

Features and Benefits:

High Speed and Low CPU Utilization -- 32-bit architecture and PCI bus mastering enable speedy network response with minimal CPU overhead.

NWay Auto-Negotiation --Automatic selection of the optimum line speed and operating mode. 10/100Mbps operations -- Single RJ45 connector for operation with either 10Mbps or 100Mbps hubs or switches. Full Duplex Mode -- Doubles the available network bandwidth to 20/200 Mbps in switched segments. Plug-N-Play -- Windows 95 Plug-N-Play compatible; supports Plug-N-Play compatible PCI systems. Web-Based Management -- Turn your PC into a remotely and locally manageable PC with Edimax WedDESK Manager utility. Collect all the PCs’ critical information and even take a snapshot of the Client PC's screen through the Internet browser. Managing network has never been easier.

ACPI/Wake-on LAN -- When the EN-9130A receives a wake-up frame (magic packet) from the management console, it will work with the system’s ACPI interface to power up the PC and enable the PC to be remotely managed by the administrator. Easy to Install -- Plug-N-Play compliance enables the adapter to be automatically configured and diagnostic LEDs indicate network link integrity.

Diagnostic Utility – Simple tool to test the network adapter functionality and whole network’s wire connection. Best Compatibility -- Comprehensive driver support for most popular NOS. Microsoft and Novell Lab Tested and Approved. Lifetime Warranty – Protection of your investment.