PCMCIA OVISLINK 10Mbps Network Adapter

PCMCIA OVISLINK 10Mbps Network Adapter
PCMCIA OVISLINK 10Mbps Network Adapter
Item # NA-OP01
Price: $29.99

Product Details

Technical Features/Specifications

  • Complies with IEEE 802.3,PCMCIA R2.0& JEIDA 4.x standard
  • Fits into Type l or Type ll PCMCIA slot
  • Slim and Thin credit-card size - 85 mm x 55 mm x 3.3 mm(L* W* H)
  • PCMCIA standard 68-pin connector for attachment to PC and 15-pin flat connector to media coupler
  • 10 Mbps transfer rate at transmission media
  • Supports thin coaxial (BNC)or 10Base-T UTP cable
  • 16KB RAM Buffer
  • °©Hot Swap°™card insertion and removal
  • Coexist with other PCMCIA cards
  • LED diagnostics and monitoring indicators
  • Meet FCC standard

Fit into Type I or Type II slot- Slimmest Credit size PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter

This Ovislink Pcmcia Ethernet card is the slimmest credit-card sized type I PCMCIA Ethernet adapter that connects a notebook PC simply to an IEEE 802.3 standard Ethernet network. It supports °©Hot swap°™ card insertion and removal features and is able to coexist with other PCMCIA cards.

Easily Software configuration

This Ovislink Pcmcia Ethernet card supports a two-in-one media coupler interface for flexible connection to either the coaxial or UTP cable Network media connection is auto-detected, and diagnostic LEDs reporting network status and activities provide a visual means for troubleshooting. The card is switchless, software configuration, and provides full support for the PCMCIA card information structure.

Great Software compatibility-NE2000 compatible

The PCMCIA card is NE-2000 driver compatible. Its extensive driver support includes Novell Netware 3.x, 4.xODI Driver, NDIS Driver for Microsoft LAN Manager, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT,IBM LAN Server, and, Packet Driver of FIT/TCP/IP.