256K ISA VGA Video Card

256K ISA VGA Video Card
256K ISA VGA Video Card
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The RTVGA Fully Supports:

  • All IBM VGA modes to the register level.
  • IBM EGA, CGA, MDA and Hercules modes to register level.
  • Mutlisync monitors (analog or TTL).
  • PS/2 monitors (8503, 8512, 8513, 8514).
  • Automatic bus size detection.

Extended Text Mode:

  • 80 column in 30, 43 and 60 rows
  • 132 column in 25,30,43 and 60 rows.

Extended Graphics Modes:

  • 4 colors in 1024X768
  • 16 colors in 800X600, 640X480, 960X720, 768X1024, 1024X768.
  • 256 colors in 512X512, 640X400, 640X480, 800X600


You can adapt the RTVGA Graphics Adapter for special hardware configurations using the three-pin jumper JP1 and the two-pin jumper JP2 on the adapter card.

2,3 ON: IRQ9 Enable (IRQ7 Disable)

1,2 ON: IRQ7 Enable (IRQ9 Disable)

Note: IRQ9 Enable is a normal state, but must be removed for running ETHERNET

selecting Interlaced/Non-interlaced Mode

OFF: Interlaced Mode

ON: Non-interlaced Mode