ISA OvisLink Combo 10Mbps Network Card

ISA OvisLink Combo 10Mbps Network Card
ISA OvisLink Combo 10Mbps Network Card
Item # NA-O002
Price: $12.95

Product Details

Technical Features / Specifications

  • 16-bit ISA Bus Ethernet adapter
  • Complies with Ethernet II and IEEE 802.3 10Base-2, 10Base-T, 10Base-5 standard
  • Compatible with Novell's NE2000 adapters
  • Supports Full-duplex Ethernet function to double channel bandwidth
  • Auto-detection for BNC or UTP cabling type
  • Meet Windows 95 Plug and Play requirement
  • Supports Boot ROM function for ISA bus, ROM size: 16KB, 32KB, 64KB
  • Supports 16KB local buffer memory
  • Supports signal polarity detection an correction for UTP port
  • Supports auto-diagnostic and loop back testing software
  • Additional jumper for setting Thin Ethernet Cabling length in optional 300M or 185M
  • Additional jumper for setting on-board terminator for BNC cabling
  • Two LEDs for indicating UTP port's signal polarity detection and correction

Microsoft Windows 95 Plug and Play

The LE-8019R is a 16-bit software configurable ISA Ethernet adapter, meets Windows 95 Plug and Play function (PnP). The PnP technology provides auto-configuration capability, which brings order to all the IRQ, I/O and memory setting, and coordinates the system resources automatically.

Easy Installation

For some applications not to be used as a Plug and Play compatible device, the LE-8019R still supports a friendly and powerful setup program for software configuration.

Perfect Software Compatibility

Including Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x, Microsoft LAN Manager, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, Banyan, Packet driver, Pathwork, Pathway, LAN Server 2.3 and 4.0, Lantastic, and, Windows 95.

Powerful RPL Boot ROM program

Novell 3.x 4.x RPL server, Microsoft Windows NTAS 3.5 & 3.51 RPL server, Microsoft LAN Manager 2.1 Remoteboot server and IBM OS/2 LAN Server 4.0 Remoteboot server.

Full-Duplex / Half-Duplex in option, Ready for newest switching Hub

The LE-8019R is full-duplex capable to enable simultaneous transmission and reception on a twisted-pair cable when coupled with a full-duplex Ethernet switching hub. This doubles the bandwidth to 20Mbps on a 10Mbps switching hub. Designed for optimal half-duplex and full-duplex transmission, the LE-8019R is ready for switching hub whenever you are.